Past Race Results

2016 Races:

Race Series Overall Females (race 17 of 17) – results

Race Series Overall Males (race 17 of 17) – results

Gaston Cup Corporate Challenge – results

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February 13   Hearts-a-Bustin 5K – overall resultsage group results

April 9      Belmont Abbey Rail Trail 5K – overall results;age group results

April 16     Community Foundation Run 5K – overall results

April 22     Cherry Blossom 5K  overall resultsage group results

April 30        Mt. Holly Springfest 5K & 10K – 10K overall10K age group5K overall5K age group

May 7         Girls on the Run Spring 5K – overall resultsage group results

May 28       Belmont Classic, overall resultsage group resultsround two results

July 22        Gastonia Grizzlies 5K,  overall results; age group results

September 5   The Burn: Labor Day 5K, overall results; age group results

September 24   Stop Soldier Suicide 5K & 10K – 10K overall10K age group5K overall; 5K age group

October 1 Bessemer City Run Around Down Town 5K – overall resultsage group results (not a part of the 2016 Race Series, but  timed by the YMCA)

October 29   Holy Angels 4 Miler– 4 mile overallage group2 mile overall

November 5   Spencer Mountain 5K & 10 Mile – 10 mile overall10 mile age group5K overall5K age group

November 19  Dannie Benjamin Missions Fund 5K – overall results; age group results

November 26   ChristmasTown 5K – overall resultsage group results

December 3   Girls on the Run Fall 5K, overall resultsage group results

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2015 Races:

2015 Races Series Update (Race 12 of 12): Males

2015 Race Series Update (Race 12 of 12): Females

2015 Gaston Cup Corporate Challenge (Race 5 of 5) Results

March 21st   Belmont Abbey Rail Trail 5Kage group; overall

April 17th      Cherry Blossom 5Kage groupoverall

May 2nd        Mt. Holly Springfest 5K,  age groupoverall

May 9th         Girls on the Run Spring 5K, age groupoverall

May 23rd       Belmont Classic 5K, age groupoverall

July 17th         Gastonia Grizzlies 5K,  age groupoverall

September 7th   The Burn: Labor Day 5K, age groupoverall

Oct. 17th   Dannie Benjamin Missions Fund 5K – age groupoverall

October 31st  Holy Angels 4 Miler– age group4 mile overall2 mile overall

November 7th  Spencer Mountain 5K – age groupoverall and 10 Mile* – age groupoverall

November 28th  ChristmasTown 5K*age groupoverall

December 5th   Girls on the Run Fall 5K*, age groupoverall