Afterschool Locations 2017 – 2018

Please look carefully at the following grid. In the anticipation of the opening of The New Y at Robinwood Lake and opening of Pleasant Ridge Elementary, several of our sites have changed locations.


My Child Attends:

My Child’s Afterschool Site Will Be:

Catawba Heights Elementary

Ida Rankin Elementary

McAdenville Elementary

North Belmont Elementary

Belmont Middle

Cramerton Middle

Holbrook Middle

Mt. Holly Middle

Stowe Family YMCA

Costner Elementary

Carr Elementary

Carr Elementary

Woodhill Elementary**

Sadler Elementary**

Sadler Elementary

HH Beam Elementary**

Lingerfeldt Elementary**

Pleasant Ridge Elementary**

Lingerfeldt Elementary

Southwest Middle

York Chester Middle

Grier Middle

Grier Middle

Piedmont Charter Elementary

Piedmont Charter Middle

St. Michael’s Catholic

Victory Christian School

St. Michael’s Catholic

Beam Intermediate

Cherryville Elementary

Cherryville Elementary

Belmont Central Intermediate

Brookside Elementary

Gardner Park Elementary**

Hawk’s Nest STEAM Academy

Lowell Elementary

New Hope Elementary

Page Primary

Pinewood Elementary

Robinson Elementary

Sherwood Elementary**

WA Bess Elementary

Webb St. School

All sites attend Afterschool at their

respective school locations.

For example, Belmont Central students

stay on-site at Belmont Central.

** Indicates licensed sites that can accept DHS Vouchers for Childcare