Personal Training

Personal Training

Ages: 12+

Personal training is individualized fitness training available to Y Members with a nationally certified YMCA personal trainer. The trainer works with the client(s) using strength training, cardio training, and monitoring. Sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and can be purchased in 1, 6, and 12 session packages.

Dates & Times: Anytime the facility is open and is offered year around. Training times are based on client needs and trainer availability.

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Stowe Family YMCA and Pharr Family YMCA

Warlick Family YMCA


 Individual Training 45 Minute 1 Hour
1 Session $45 $50
6 Sessions $240 $270
12 Sessions $420 $480


Two Person Training 45 Minute 1 Hour
1 Session $67 $76
6 Session $372 $400
12 Session $696 $720


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Stowe Family YMCA

Richard Hamilton Christina Courtenay Ronald Balany
Andrea Poteat Rebecca Bogart Molly Walters



Athletic Center – 

Join the Warlick Family YMCA for a unique small group personal training program that address cardio, power, strength and endurance training.  These groups are led by certified personal trainers who will motivate and encourage you.  Purchase of the Athletic Center Package includes:

  • All classes in the Athletic Center
  • Monthly body fat testing
  • Nutritional Suggestions