Specialized Wellness Services

The Warlick Family YMCA is excited to offered specialized wellness services.  Assessments and testing is a great way to start or enhance your wellness by giving you a point of reference to improve upon.    A Comprehensive Fitness Assessment provides a base to work from and provides a workout specific to you and your goals.  Please see the information below and contact Jonathan Ramkissoon for more information or to make an appointment.


  • Comprehensive Fitness Assessment
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (RMR)
  • V02 Submax and Max Assessment
  • RMR & V02 Testing Package
  • TriFit Package (RMR, VO2, Comprehensive)
  • Post Rehab Exercise Managment (per session)
  • Body Composition Analysis


  • TPI Assessment (Includes Swing Analysis)
  • TPI Packages (non-transferable/expires 1 year from date of purchase)
    •       Par (3 1-hour sessions)
    •       Birdie (6 1-hour sessions)
    •       Eagle (12 1-hour sessions)

Contact Jonathan Ramkissoon with questions or to register at jramkissoon@gastonymca.org.