Out Of School Days

The Gaston County Family YMCA is pleased to offer care for school aged children when Gaston County Schools are out for Teacher Work Days and Holidays. Please take a moment to review the dates and locations below.
If your child is currently enrolled in our Afterschool or Year Round Program, check the notation to see which days are automatically included in your enrollment fee.

Teacher Work Days

These days of care are offered at the Cherryville, Stowe and Warlick YMCAs and are automatically included at no extra charge for those enrolled in Afterschool or Year Round Program. If your child is not currently enrolled in Afterschool or Year Round, but would like to participate with us on one (or more) of these days, you can REGISTER HERE.
  • Jan 17th
  • Jan 18th
  • Feb 18th
  • March 8th
  • June 6th** (Included in Year Round Program only)
  • June 7th** (Included in Year Round Program only)
  • $33 Members/$53 Program Participants

Extended School Breaks and Holidays

These days are automatically included for those enrolled in the Year Round Program.  All others wishing to participate in one or more days must enroll separately, REGISTER HERE.  Locations for these programs are at the Stowe and Warlick YMCAs unless otherwise indicated.
Click here for detailed activities for all locations.
  • Jan. 21st.
  • April 22nd^^
  • April 23rd^^
  • April 24th^^
  • April 25th^^
  • April 26th^^
  • Daily Full Day ($33 Members/$53 for participants)
  • Weekly Rate ($130 for members/$160 for participants)
  • Speciality Pharr Camp Half Day ($30 Members/$50 participants)
  • Speciality Pharr Camp Full Day ($50 for members/$70 for participants)

** Stowe and Pharr Only

^^ Stowe, Pharr, and Warlick Options Available