Lakefront Activity Information

Available Lakefront Activities:


(** Indicates a Fee Based Activity)



  • Watercrafts may be reserved up to 24 in advance.  
  • Any watercraft not already reserved is available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Time limit on any reserved watercraft is two hours.  
  • Boat rentals are available within published hours as long as the combined air and water temperature meets or exceeds 100 degrees.
  • Click here to reserve a boat.


Equipment Rental

  • Equipment rental includes choice of watercraft (kayak or stand up paddleboard), a PFD and a paddle.
  • Waterfront staff will cease equipment rental at any time deemed necessary due to unacceptable conditions like extreme cold, high winds, storm threats or other issues.  
  • Members are permitted to bring and utilize their own equipment provided it meets our standards.  
    • PFD’s must be type III and in good condition (no worn straps or broken buckles) and with good floatation.
    • Kayaks and/or paddleboards must be in good condition and not show excessive wear.
  • All members utilizing their own equipment must:
    • have it inspected by waterfront staff
    • have their equipment properly disinfected by waterfront staff to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic plants
    • purchase a seasonal boat permit to be displayed on their kayak or paddleboard
  • Members using their own equipment will be required to wear an arm sleeve that indicates they have checked in with our waterfront staff, have been cleared through our processes, and makes them easily identifiable on the water.  


How do I know what watercraft is best for me? Click HERE for more details.