Middle School United Nations

What is MSUN?

  • MSUN is two-part program.
    • The first part takes place at your school. This is the delegation aspect of the club. You will sign up for countries, committees and organs, practice debating, write position papers, designing country displays, etc. Students meet with our delegation twice a month until May.
    • The second part takes place in April at the MSUN Conference. This takes place at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC. Over 250 teens from all around the state participate. Here students will put everything they have learned into practice.
    • Learn more at http://www.ncyag.org/programs/middle-school-united-nations

When and where is MSUN?

  • Meetings days and times depend on your school schedule and will be posted prior to the program start date. All meetings are full of information so students should make it a priority to attend every meeting so they don’t miss anything.
  • Currently MSUN is established at Belmont Middle and Mt. Holly Middle.
  • Spring Conference – March 22-24, 2019

So why should my teen join MSUN?

  • Debate current world issues: they will learn to debate and argue in both small and large groups with other teens from around the state
  • Meet others: teens get to meet people from around the state. There will be time for work and play. The program is about both
  • Speak up: enhance their public speaking skills
  • Fun: design a flag, country display and native attire; participate in Festival of Nations; attend a moon-bounce and dance party
  • Success: taking what they learn from research and applying it to real life situations
  • Learn: we live in a big world and MSUN allows a teen to understand that world better

If you have any questions about this program or are interested in getting this program at your school contact the Y at 704-822-9622.