12 Days to Fitness Challenge


‘Tis the season of temptations. Fight back against the Holiday weight gain with our fun annual wellness challenge. Pledge to fit in 12 workouts between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the YMCA!

This challenge is open to all Members—kids and adults! Sign up with the Staff at your YMCA to get started and after each workout receive a star to track your progress.  Those who complete the 12 days will receive a shirt!  First come first served!

Register at the Y front desk today to get going! It’s FREE!




We offer this simple advice to keep you from tipping the scale.

  • If you have an evening gathering, stick to healthy snack and meal options during the day.
  • Maintain your exercise routine. You’re not just burning calories. You’re also making time for yourself.
  • Know what triggers you to overindulge. If it’s stress or emotion, work to control the trigger.
  • Fill up on healthy options. Stop by the raw veggie tray first. Watch out for that dip. It’s usually loaded with calories!
  • Set a good example. Make sure the dish you bring to the party is a healthy option.
  • Tell your friends and family about your fitness goals.They can be a great support system.



Speak to the Wellness Director at your YMCA for more information today!