Pharr YMCA Dance Classes

Our YMCA Dance program offers a sound foundation for your child. During each class children will learn skills and drills in progressive steps leading them through basic to more advanced skills while incorporating fun and fitness. Our experienced, caring instructors provide a safe environment for your child to develop, grow and move to the next level.

YMCA Dance class consists of tap, ballet, and modern dance techniques in each week. Repetition is needed for each dancer to improve to make their dance movements automatic. We also do a performance each semester to make learning dance fun and to showcase each dancers’ abilities/growth with the goal of using dance as an art form.


KinderDance (Ballet and Tap) Ages 3-5

The KinderDance class objectives include knowing personal space, following directions, dancing as a group, stretching, and building the correct muscles for dance technique. However, since the students are 3-5 years old this is done with repetitive songs. Young children also find comfort in knowing the order of class and it eases them into the ability to have the confidence to perform on stage together as a group.

  • Monday 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday 5:15 pm

 Junior Dance 1 (Ages 3-6)

Junior Dance 1 Class continues with creative songs/play to begin to work on turnout muscles needed for ballet, knowledge of correct ballet terms, correct sounds of the tap steps, and also dancing the same steps as a partner.

  • Monday 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday 5:15 pm

Junior Dance 2 (Ages 7+)

Junior Dance 2 moves the student into proper technique by repeating exercises each week to train the students muscles to remember how to move correctly at the barre and center floor. Tap steps begin to combine to create “times steps” where students need to already know the basics. We begin to learn modern dance choreographers and specific examples of moving in space, time, and energy.

  • Wednesday 4:30 pm

Senior Dance (Ages 10+)

Senior dance takes all the concepts to a new level where the dancers take teacher corrections to self correct themselves during movement. They begin to do harder dance steps/complex movements automatically turning out legs in jumps, turns, and balances all the while using musicality in their flow of dance steps. Tap uses a faster tempo and specific sounds are a must. Student created choreography reflects meaning and proper technique making it a true art form. Performance Dances are very complex involving changes in levels and time.

  • Monday 5:15 pm

Pointe (Invites only)

  • Monday 6:30 pm



Class fees:

  •  Deposit – $20/one time
    Members – $50.00/month
    Program Participants – $75.00/month


For additional information:
Contact or (704) 824-1131