Online Giving

Donors can make their annual gifts online to the YMCA. A donor can make an online gift of any amount and even break larger amount into monthly installments. This latter option is especially good for donors who are considering a large gift or increasing their giving level.

  • For example, a donor may make a one time gift of $50. Another may make a gift of $500 and choose to either pay in full or break it down into monthly draft of $41.67 over 12 months.
  • Donors will see several options for drafting their gift.

All campaigners will have a personal online giving link they can share with donors. If you have not received your giving link please reach out to your campaign staff liaison.


Online Giving Instructions for Donors

  1. Visit
  2. Click the blue button that reads CLICK HERE TO DONATE
  3. Donors can either Fill out the form on this screen or log into their YMCA online account by pressing Sign In
  4. Donors will select a YMCA Campaign for their gift to benefit or Apply to Greatest Need
  5. Donors are given the option to be affiliated with a specific campaigner.
  6. After completing the required fields and entering payment information, the donor will receive an automatic email with a receipt.

Online Giving Using Your Personal Link

  • When you use your personal online giving link the Y Campaign and campaigner is pre-selected to make it easier for your donor and you receive credit for the ask

Online Giving Using CrowdRise

  • Pledge 2 Plunge uses an online platform called CrowdRise at GoFundMe site.
  • This site does not allow pledges, only gifts paid in full. Links can easily be shared via social, email, text, etc

Online Giving through the Community Foundation Run

  • The YMCA participates in the annual Community Foundation Run and Match Fund.
  • If your donor wants to give through the Run they must do so directly using this link:
    • Run Website –
  • The Run does not accept pledges, just payments in full.
  • All gifts must be made by Monday, April 13, 2020 to be eligible for the Match.