Private Swim Lessons

We offer Private Swim Lessons for anyone who has a fear of water, learns better one-on-one, or simply wants to improve their strokes and endurance.  Sign up today and our trained instructors will help you set and meet your personal swimming goals!


  • Each session of private lessons consists of 4 half-hour lessons on the scheduled dates.
  • All lessons are one-on-one.
  • Our goal is that you will have the same instructor for each of the 4 lessons, but your preferred instructor may not be scheduled to teach during the time slot you prefer. If you have a specific request for an instructor, please reach out to the Aquatics Department for assistance in registration for lessons during a time slot he/she is scheduled to work. We will do our best to pair your child with your preferred instructor.
  • Please note that make-up opportunities will be very difficult to accommodate due to instructor availability.
  • Session Cost:
    • Members: $92
    • Program Participants: $146


Lesson Availability

  • Stowe Private swim lessons will only be offered at the following days:
    • Tuesdays – evening
    • Thursdays – evening
    • Saturdays – morning
  • Warlick Private swim lessons will only be offered at the following days:
    • Mondays-morning and afternoon
    • Tuesdays-afternoon
    • Wednesdays-afternoon
    • Thursdays-afternoon
    • Saturdays-morning