Group Swim Lessons

At the Y, we believe every child should learn how to swim!

Our swim lessons are about more than just techniques and skills. They are about nurturing swimming skills, developing self-esteem and creating positive experiences that will last a lifetime.  Children develop confidence around water as they learn water safety skills, stroke technique, and discover the joy of swimming.

When it comes to swimming and water safety, no one is trusted more than the YMCA, America’s Swim Instructor. In fact, group swim instruction was developed by the YMCA in 1906.


Our swim lessons have three stages:

  • Swim Starters: Levels A & B parent/children are in the water together, ages 6 months-3 years.
  • Swim Basics: Levels 1-3 these are the building blocks for learning swim strokes and have a strong focus on learning how to be safe in and around water. Preschool ages 3-5 and School-age 5-12. (Swimmers are divided both by age and ability.  A 3-year-old child will not be in the same group as a 12-year-old.)
  • Swim Strokes: Levels 4-6, using the foundation built in levels 1-3, swimmers learn swim strokes and build endurance. School ages 5-12.

Each session of swim lessons includes 8, 30-minute lessons.

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Stowe Family YMCA

  • Upcoming Sessions:
    • Thursday Group Lessons 3/25 – 5/20
    • Saturday Lessons 3/27 – 5/22
  • Classes are offered Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning
  • Each session of swim lessons includes 8, 30-minute lessons

Warlick Family YMCA

  • Upcoming Sessions:
    • Tuesdays Lessons 3/23-5/18
    • Saturdays Lessons 3/27-5/22
  • Each session of swim lessons includes 8, 30-minute lessons



  • Cost: $57.00 for Members, $105.00 for Program Participants
  • $10 late registration fee applied when registering within a week of the start date
  • Click here for online registration instructions



Swim Lessons + COVID-19

Swim lessons are excellent ways to get the physical activity needed for a healthy life. Following guidance from the CDC and local agencies, we’ve modified our pool policies and aquatics programs to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Here’s what you can expect when you come to the pool:

  • To promote social distancing members the pool capacity has been modified.
  • Participants are asked to wear their swimsuit to the pool and will be assigned a swim prep stall on the pool deck to prepare to swim.
  • Each participant is allowed one observer per child. Observer must wear a mask during the lesson.
    • If it is a parent/child lesson they can have the parent in the water plus an observer.
  • Class maximums have been lowered in all sessions.

Reopening Processes:

  • Participants will step on a sanitizing mat and/or dunk shoes in sanitizing solution upon entering pool.
  • Swim prep stations will be spaced out to ensure social distancing.
  • Upon exit, participants will place any used shared equipment in the “to be cleaned” area.
  • Participants will not be allowed to use lockers.