Camp at Warlick Family YMCA

Camps for Grades Rising 1st through 5th

No matter your child’s interest – whether it’s sports oriented, arts inspired, or an overall love of nature and the outdoors – we have something for everyone! All of our camp experiences are designed to expose kids to a wide range of options in an environment built around trying new things, cultivating new friendships, and having fun. Click the button below to learn more about each specific camp we offer, and how they are designed to let your child shine.

WHY Send Your Child To Summer Camp?

Camps for Grades Rising 6th through 9th

The early teen years can be full of exciting discoveries as they develop their unique personality traits and skills. Because teenagers are fundamentally different from children and adults, we know they have different interests and abilities than their younger counterparts, which is why we design our teen experiences around relationship building through new experiences. At the Y, we think it’s important to understand them better, so we can help support them as they grow into the fantastic adults we know they will be. Click the button below to learn more about our camp experiences designed specifically for this age group.

WHY Send Your Child To Summer Camp?