Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics

The mission of the Pharr Gymnastics Competition Team is to develop happy, healthy, and confident individuals. We strive to find a balance for our athletes that will allow them to be challenged at their current ability level while experiencing both personal and team success. It is our goal that each child develops to the best gymnast that they can be while learning both valuable gymnastics and life lessons.

This program will allow your child to develop her confidence, poise, individuality, mental and physical strength, determination, dedication, and self-respect.

Our Competitive Team is a year-round team for the skilled athlete looking for a competitive experience. Female gymnasts compete in USA Gymnastics routines and follow Junior Olympic rules and regulations against other YMCAs at state, regional, and national levels. We emphasize positive coaching, technical skill instruction, goal setting, work ethic, and team building.


Registration June 15 – August 1, 2022

July 1, 2022, through April 30, 2023

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday


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The following is a breakdown of the levels within the Pharr Gymnastics Program.

Xcel Bronze: Beginner-level competition gymnastics. These athletes will learn all the beginning routines and requirements as well as work on some silver skills when ready. These athletes will compete at AAU sanctioned meets in the Charlotte and Greater Charlotte areas and will conclude their season with the State Championship Meet.

Xcel Silver: Beginner and Intermediate level of competitive gymnastics. These athletes will continue to build a strong foundation of strength, flexibility, and skill acquisition with a focus on technique and performance. Silver athletes will showcase their routines in local and state competitions and will conclude their season with the State Championship Meet.

Xcel Gold: Advanced level of competition gymnastics, These athletes will compete at the local and state levels and will conclude their season with the State Championship Meet and the possibility of Regionals.

Xcel Platinum: The fourth level, or division, as it’s called in Xcel gymnastics, is Xcel Platinum. The requirements in Xcel Platinum continue to progress from those in the Gold division. Gymnasts in the Xcel Platinum division typically have skills that are the equivalent of a DP Level 6.

Xcel Diamond: Xcel Diamond is the fifth level in the Xcel gymnastics levels. To compete in gymnastics in the Xcel Diamond Division, the gymnast must be able to do routines that meet these. requirements, as stated in the Xcel Code of Points, and have scored a 31 All-Around as a Platinum level gymnast. 

Xcel Sapphire: Newly added level division beyond Xcel Diamond for upper-level gymnasts to continue the sport in a safe and fun environment. A Division that would allow Xcel gymnasts to prepare for college Intramural sports or NCAA Acrobatics & Tumbling



Click here to review the Parent Handbook and More information on conduct, attire, discipline, and more. 


Below is an example of the price commitment that you will have once your child has been placed on the team: 

This is a 12-payment schedule and is broken up into monthly payments along with tuition to help even out the $ money amount paid throughout the season, and due dates making it much easier on parents and staff alike.

$90/per month YMCA Member  |  $115/per month Non-Member
(4hrs/week) *Includes all meet fees and practices with exception of state 

$110/per month YMCA Member  |  $135/per month Non-member
(6 hrs/week) *Includes all meet fees and practices with exception of state 

$110/per month YMCA Member   |  $135/per month Non-member
(6 hrs/week) *includes all meet fees and practices with exception of state

One-time program Registration Fee $20. Leotards are not included in registration.

Competition Team Fees
Once paid, fees are non-refundable as fees are set based on the number of gymnasts at the beginning of each competition year.

Competition Entry Fees
The cost of actually entering your child into a competition (Vary Each Year)

AAU Registration Fee
This covers insurance for the gymnast and is required across the country for all gymnasts to compete in AAU sanctioned events.
This fee is a yearly fee that you will have to pay directly to the organization. ($14)


Team Vacation Schedule
(Christmas Break) December 20- January 3rd
Thanksgiving November 24th-27th
July 4th
(Spring Break) April 10-14th 



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