Pledge Cards


Using the Pledge Card

  1. Verify the donor’s name, address, email and phone number. Ensure handwriting is legible.
  2. Indicate the branch(es) to which the gift or pledge should be designated. Checks should be made payable to the Gaston County Family YMCA.
  3. Note Method of Payment and billing instructions.
  4. Please note that for fraud protection purposes, volunteers are not allowed to collect credit card numbers. If a donor wishes to pay using a credit card, simply check the box marked “credit card” and let the donor know a YMCA staff member will be getting in touch with them to collect their card information. Please make sure that all phone number are accurate so that our staff can get in touch with them quickly. OR they can go online to make a gift using their credit card.
  5. Ask if the donor’s company matches gifts. If so, please indicate the name of the company, employee name and the dollar amount the company will match. Do not include match expected in the donor’s total pledge amount. Donors much initiate the matching process with their employer as payments are made.
  6. Ask if the donor will be giving through the Community Foundation Run. Gifts made through the Run are sent directly to the Community Foundation by Monday, April 23, 2021 at 5 pm to qualify for the match. The Community Foundation does not accept pledges.
  7. Get the donor’s signature if he or she pledges. This signature emphasizes the commitment.
  8. Print your name and the date clearly on the Campaigner line so that the gift will be credited to you.

Returning the Cards to the YMCA

  • Place all completed pledge cards and any cash or checks in an envelope.
  • Submit envelopes to the YMCA front desk weekly. Please do not hold onto checks.
  • If you are unable to contact a prospect, return the pledge card to the Y as soon as possible, so someone else may have an opportunity.

Available Materials

Digital Pledge Card – Look 1
Digital Pledge Card – Look 2
Secret Sauce