The Gaston County Family YMCA is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable pool experience for all. All children 15 and under must participate in a swimming skills assessment and will be provided a green, yellow or no swim band. These bands assist our lifeguards in keeping our inexperienced swimmers safe.

       Non-Swimmer  = No Swim-Band

Children who cannot demonstrate the required skills in the assessment (listed below) or children who do not wish to participate in the assessment will be classified as a non-swimmer and will not be given a swim band.

  • Children who are non-swimmers must be accompanied in the water by an adult within arm’s reach.
  • Non-swimmers ages 6-12 years must remain in the designated areas or wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket and be actively supervised by an adult in the water with them.
  • Non-Swimmers are limited to designated areas.  Areas will vary by pool.  See your Aquatics Director for clarification.
  • One adult can be responsible for no more than 2 non-swimmers at a time.
  • Non-Swimmers age 12-15 may not use the Aquatics Area without an adult.


  • Proper Swimwear is required.
  • Once a swimmer has been issued a swim band it is their responsibility to bring it back with them during each visit.
  • When a swimmer moves from a yellow to a green band they may trade in their band at no cost.
  • If a band is misplaced or forgotten, replacement bands are available at the Member Services Desk for $2.00
  • Lending or trading bands are against our YMCA Code of Conduct.
  • Lifeguards will gladly conduct one swim assessment per child per day.



Skills 1-3

constitute a yellow swim band.


  1. Float: Swimmer demonstrates a horizontal floating position on their back for 10 seconds, then stand up regaining a vertical position on their own.
  2. Swim: Swimmer demonstrates 15 yards of a Freestyle stroke without assistance or stopping to rest.
  3. Tread: Swimmer must tread water for one minute while keeping their ears and face above water.

Successful completion of skills 4-6

equals a green swim band.  Green band swimmers are allowed to use all areas of our pools and the Warlick Waterfront


  1. Float: Swimmer demonstrates a horizontal floating position on their back for 10-15 seconds then rolls to their front and begins the swim.
  2. Swim: Swimmer continues to swim the entire length of the pool, 25 yards, unassisted and without resting. Swimmer must maintain a horizontal body position and swim in a strong manner.
  3. Plunge: Swimmer jumps into water that is over their head, easily returns to the surface, and treads water for 1 minute



Please remember to check our pool schedules as we do not allow open swim during classes or swim lessons.  Schedules are easily accessed through our website and on our app.