Volunteer Tips

At the Gaston County Family YMCA, social responsibility is one of our three areas of focus. It is through the support of volunteers like you that help us make our communities better.

At the Y, we have a place and a purpose for everyone. And 4 YMCA locations throughout the county, it’s never been easier to serve.


Rochelle joined the YMCA with her husband and became involved with our youth programs. This was just the start of their Y Story. Soon she became a YMCA Annual Campaign Campaigner.

I have been campaigning for the Y for around 6 years. The youth programs are the number one reason we donate and campaign,” says Rochelle. “In addition to the youth, I enjoy that the Y is a family for so many people.  The coaches, staff and counselors are role models/mentors for the youth and for the young and older adults.   No matter what a person has going on in their life, positive times, hard times, lonely times, the Y is a place they can come to workout, have a cup of coffee and receive smile and hug.  It’s a positive environment and because of that the Y will always have a positive impact on a person.

Over the years she has became more involved with the YMCA and our Annual Giving Campaign. “I want everyone in our community to be given the same opportunities regardless of their income.”

We invite you to join us and start your journey as a Volunteer like Rochelle.


Visit a YMCA Program

> Witness firsthand the YMCA Mission and programs funded by the Annual Giving Campaign. Talk to staff and ask questions. Invite others to join you to see how the Campaign impacts the community.

Make your gift first

> This is an important first step. It is difficult to ask others to make an investment in the YMCA before  making your own.

Share the YMCA story

> Communicate the story and the case for giving with enthusiasm and passion! Share stories of individuals to demonstrate community needs, and what benefits their gift will provide. Utilize Y staff to help you tell the story.

Know your Donors

> People give to people. Connect with people you know or ones you know are active in similar programs and activities.

Face-to-Face Ask

> It takes time to ask face-to-face, but it is far more effective and rewarding than asking by phone or email. By making time for a personal visit, you demonstrate genuine interest in a prospective donor.

Discover what motivates each donor to give. By appealing to the interest of the donor, you are more likely to secure a favorable response when asking for a contribution.

Team Up

> Ask a Y Staff person or another campaign volunteer to go with you for support.

Community Counts

> Ask the donor what they care about in the community.

Thank Donors

> Always follow up with a personal thank you note. Donors feel very passionate about their charitable giving and often have a very personal connection to the Y. Try to recreate the feeling the donor had when making the gift in your note.