Walk to Run 5K Training Program

Walk to Run is a beginner runner program that will progress over a month period in preparation for the Trick-or-Trail 5K event at Warlick. The progressions will increase weekly to help each individual to reach their walking, jogging, and/or running goals. The program meets twice a week for 60 minutes. You will meet other goal-minded individuals that will help you achieve your goals and a personal trainer will lead the group. Let’s meet to achieve our goals! 

September 1 – October 20, 2022
Tuesdays and Thursdays  |   6:30 – 7:30 PM


This training program will get you ready for our Trick-or-Trail 5K run on October 22.

YMCA Member: $20.00*
Program Participants: $25.00*

*Trick-Or-Trail 5K registration is not included.

Other Upcoming Races

Use this Program to also train for our Trick-or-Trail 5K run on October 22.