Why Send Your Child to Camp?


As a culture, we have traded green time for screen time — and it has had an impact on kids’ well-being and development. The short story on why camp in an outdoor setting is so important to a child’s development is that kids who play more outdoors have fuller and more wholesome lives!

Here are just a few of the benefits your kids will experience when they attend Summer Camp:

  1. Better school performance
    Time spent in nature and increased fitness improve cognitive function.
  2. More creativity
    Outdoor play uses and nurtures the imagination.
  3. Much higher levels of fitness.
    Kids are more active when they are outdoors. Outdoorsy children are less vulnerable to bone problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health issues.
  4. Happier kids, who exhibit less depression and hyperactivity symptoms
    Time in nature is soothing, improves mood and reduces stress. It can also increase kids’ attention span, because things move at a slower pace than they do on the screen.
  5. Better sleep
    Exposure to natural light, and lots of physical activity, help reset a child’s natural sleep rhythms.
  6. A longer life span and healthier adult life. 
  7. Camp nurtures social skills
    Camp is a community away from home and school where kids learn to work with each other and adult mentors, build relationships and manage conflict.
  8. Camp models healthy living
    Obesity in children has doubled, and in teens has quadrupled, in the last 30 years. Thanks to the many activities camp offers, kids stay busy and physically active.
  9. Camp enhances self-confidence
  10. Camp helps kids unplug and build friendships
    One of the best parts of camp is the opportunity for kids to make new friends.
  11. Camp fosters teamwork
    Camp facilitates an environment where kids learn that to succeed they must work together with their peers and their camp leaders. Whether they’re working to build a campfire together, playing a game, or preparing a meal, campers learn to problem-solve to accomplish their goals. Through teamwork, kids learn that they are each an integral part of the camp community where they can feel a sense of acceptance and belonging.
  12. Camp encourages personal growth


“We loved the easy pick up and drop off times and the open line of communication that was kept among the camp staff and parents. The kids had fun and never came home and said they were bored! They had a blast.”
– Anthony Anderson   |   Pharr 2020 Camp

“Summer camp has been amazing and I have really appreciated all the time and effort that has been put into creating fun days and safe days.
– Erin Jensen   |   Pharr 2020 Camp